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Tony and Mark's, A Family Tradition. Est 1978.

For Lovers of fresh
produce & fine food


Expect More at Tony & Mark's

For 38 years, Tony & Mark's has been providing a unique food and shopping experience. With the finest produce, including fresh fruit and vegetables, gourmet treats and beautiful flowers, you can always EXPECT MORE at Tony & Mark's.

Tony & Mark’s has always been associated with providing great Customer Service. "Expect More at Tony & Mark's" is about building on this 38 year tradition and making it even better.

Tony & Mark's will go above and beyond what customers would normally expect from their customer service, shopping and food experience… the Expect More campaign will be a part of everything we do at Tony & Mark’s from now and into the future. This includes:
- Customer Service,
- Product Choice and Variety,
- Quality and Value,
- Shopping and Food Experience.

Tony and Mark’s is committed to providing the best Customer Service possible and delivering on its promise: "Expect More at Tony & Mark’s".